“Akvatekhavtomatika” CJSC

1“Akvatekhavtomatika” cjsc is engaged in fish breeding and fish processing. The Company is a leader in the Armenian fish market. The Company is the only producer of sturgeon black caviar and the main supplier of fertilized caviar in the country.

“Akvatechavtomatika” cjsc was formed in 1999. The Company operates in Sipanik and Sis villages in Ararat region, Gay and Araks villages in Armavir region. The Company breeds rainbow trout, sturgeon, river trout and variety of them. Live fish, processed products of fish and caviar, as well as young fish and fertilized caviar intended for production purposes are produced and realized by the Company. The Company also sells imported fish feed in small volumes.

At present the Company exports to Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Iran. The Company is planning to increase export volumes and assortment for exports. The planned receipt of euro number in upcoming six months period will make the European market accessible for the Company export.

“Meghri Cannery” OJSC

4“Megri Cannery” OJSC is engaged in canned food production. The Company is one of the oldest canneries in the Armenian market. The Company is the leading cannery in Syunik region and one of the main fig processing companies of Armenia.

The Company was established in 1930, and was privatized in 1996 as an open joint stock company. The production capacity is located in Meghri town, Syunik Marz of RA. The Company produces fruit preserves, jams, syrups, and drinks, and mainly exports its production to USA, Russia and Ukraine. The Company is planning to increase export volumes and product range.

“Agrolog” CJSC

8 “Agrolog” CJSC is a small enterprise operating in the field of cold storage and store housing and further post harvest sales of fruits.  The Company is mainly specialized in cold storage and sales of apples, whereas plans to store also apricots and cherry. The Company started its operations since 2008 and has repaired and isolated 2 cold storage rooms which today serve as refrigerators.

The Company operates in town Ashatarak of Aragatsotn marz, RA. The Company plans to enhance its production capacity: particularly increase the number of cold storage rooms by 2 thus raising the volumes of stored fruits.

“365 Group” CJSC

9“365 Group” CJSC operates in the wine-making sector and produces grape and fruit wines, fortified wine and apricot cognac. The product of the Company is realized under the brand name “365 Wines”. The Company has started its wine-making activity since 2008. The main market orientation is over Pineau fortified wines and fruit wines. The Company is a major producer of Pineau wines in Armenia market, offering the consumers Passion de Pineau of 2 and 10 year aging with unique quality and design and under its marketed brand name.

The Company operates at the address of 40a Acharyan St., Yerevan, where the production building, comprising the bottling storing and administrative blocks are located. The Company plans to expand its activity, particularly by expanding the sales volume in the local market, increasing export volumes to RF and Ukraine and strengthening the Company’s brand position.

“Cheese Town” CJSC

11“Cheese Town” CJSC is engaged in cheese production and export. Company also resale cheese made by other producers in the local market, mainly in Yerevan. The Company was established in 2008 as a cheese distributor, since May 2009 the Company has launched its own production of cheese and since 2010 the Company has initiated the production of sour dairy production hence decreasing the volume of cheese bought from other producers. The administrative office and the production units of cheese and dairy products are situated in Vardashen area of Yerevan city.

The FREDA financing will be directed to the enhancement of production capacity, acquisition of new equipment, and financing of working capital. The funds will enable the Company to expand its production volumes of cheese and sour dairy products and increase the variety of produced cheese, also launch export of skimmed cheese to the Russian Federation.

“Harprod” CJSC

13“Harprod” CJSC is engaged in food processing and cannery production.  The Company specializes in the production of canned vegetables, also produces fruit cans and dried fruits. The Company was established in 2008 on the basis of previous “Hoktemberyan” cannery one of the ten largest canneries in Soviet Union. The Company starts the production process mainly from July by procurement of fruits and in autumn by procurement of vegetables. The Company procures vegetables and fruits from the regions of Armavir marz. The Company organizes the sales of its production by mainly exporting to the Russian market.

The administrative building, production sites and warehouses are situated in 9 Shahumyan street, town Armavir, Armavir marz, RA. The Company plans to expand its current operations, particularly through: expansion of production volumes, increase in export volumes, justification of company’s position in the local market, stabilization of company’s brand name position in the market.

“Araler TOT” CJSC

14“Araler TOT” was established on November 25, 2002 as “Hovbar” LLC. Since 2010 the Company has been involved in sheep breeding business and as for the time being it is the only pedigree sheep breeding industry operating in Armenia. The Company imports Edilbaev sheep from Russian Federation. The Company realizes its production in the local market and exports to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Sis natural” CJSC

17“Sis natural” CJSC was established in 2000. Company’s production site is located close to Yerevan. Company mainly produces juices and fruit preserves and one of the leaders in local juice market. The Company owns such trademarks as “Yan” targeting premium segment, and “Sis” and “Jusis” targeting budget segment. The Company realizes its production mainly in local market, at the same time exports increase from year to year and in 2011 has exceeded 25% of total sales. Main export markets for the Company are CIS countries (Turkmenia, Ukraine, Georgia), Western Europe (Hungary, France) and USA.

“Arzni Meat” CJSC

20“Arzni Meat” CJSC was established in 2013. The Company is located in Kotayq region. The Company’s main activity is provision of slaughterhouse services. The slaughterhouses /abattoirs/, as well as “Arzni Meat” CJSC are constructed in the frame of the FAO project named “Support for Abattoir Development in Armenia” financed by the Greek Government in close collaboration with Armenia’s Ministry of Agriculture. The construction works in “Arzni Meat” CJSC started in the second part of 2013 and continued during 2014. The official opening of the slaughterhouse took place in December 2014.

“Arzni Meat” CJSC has received the ISO 22000 and HALAL certificates within FREDA’s technical assistance component and today is fully ready to provide slaughterhouse services.