Investing tools

We make predominantly equity investments (i.e. purchase of ordinary and/or preference shares) in economically viable projects with positive developmental impact.

We also may provide our clients with subordinated and secured loans.

Investment in preference shares and granting of loan is possible only after or simultaneously with the investment in ordinary shares. Investment in subordinate loans is only granted for working capital replenishment needs.

Limits for our investments

Financing instruments % in share capital Minimum investment Maximum investment
Ordinary shares  25 – 45%  20 mln. AMD  200 mln. AMD
Preference shares up to 25%  20 mln. AMD 100 mln. AMD
Subordinate loan

Our total investment shall not exceed 70% of the Investee’s Equity (before our investment) and 50% of Investee’s Total capital (Equity+Liabilities).